Healthy Lifestyles Campaign 2017

Pokagon Health Services launched a year-long campaign in January 2017 designed to inspire and empower our people to healthier lifestyles. The goal is to get as many citizens, PHS patients, and staff from the tribal government to improve their health through four main areas: physical, emotional, rest, and nutrition.

By working with the various teams in PHS through this one year campaign, those involved will see improvement in their health. We hope you participate and let us help you choose a good path for your health.

Participants will track progress with quarterly measurements. Head to your nearby measurement station once during each of the below time frames. This will help you keep on track all the way to December 2017. Our prizes are getting even bigger for second quarter, including kayaks, bikes, and golf clubs!

second quarter June 5–15
third quarter September 4–14
final December 4–14

first quarter March 6–16 winners
Rodrigo Carneiro Food portion containers
Jennifer Kanine  Food portion containers
Douglas Burggraf Soothing Sounds 
Kim Cushway  Soothing Sounds 
Ashton Jackson Pure Spa Oil Diffuser
David Strebeck Detroit Tiger Tickets
Caitlin Schimmel  Soothing Sounds 
Tonya Cooke Fitpacker Cooler
Shanta Clark Soothing Sounds 
Jessica Howell Pure Spa Oil Diffuser
Jacene Hoskins  Fitpacker Cooler
Karen Hyde Pure Spa Oil Diffuser
Dorothy Moschiano Pure Spa Oil Diffuser
Joy Ideran Food portion containers
Meagan Griffin Fitpacker Cooler
Meghan Kennon Detroit Tiger Tickets
Wendy Hatcher Pure Spa Oil Diffuser
Richard Roach Pure Spa Oil Diffuser
Mindy Morseau Pure Spa Oil Diffuser
Megan Rick Detroit Tiger Tickets

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