Zagbëgon: An Early Learning & Development Academy

Zagbёgon means sprouts in Potawatomi. Our zagbёgon have grown from seeds and now have their own roots. Zagbёgon are peeking out from gokmeskinan (our grandmother earth) so they can look about their world and begin to form their identities and grow stronger with all of creation.

Apply for the 2019–2010 school year

Our Philosophy of Early Childhood Education 

We believe that every child is a unique creation of the Creator, and that the body, mind and spirit of each child should be nurtured. As such, we seek to meet each child where he or she is emotionally, developmentally, spiritually, educationally and socially, and we apply these principles to each facet of our planning, instruction and activities. Children will experience fun and friendships under the guidance of teachers and staff who embrace and model the culture and heritage of the Potawatomi people.

Zibé (River Room)
Ages 3-4
Lead- Miss Dani
Lead- Miss Kellie
Assistant- Miss Liz

Mtegwagké (WoodlandRoom)
Ages 4-5
Lead- Mr. Jon
Lead- Miss Tammy
Assistant- Miss Carrie

Hours of Operation
8:30 A.M. -2:30 P.M.


  • Must be at least 3 years old by Sept 1
  • Must be potty-trained
  • Applicants will be selected on a first come first serve basis, pending tier status
    • Tier 1: Pokagon Band citizens, siblings, and/or residents in a Pokagon household;
    • Tier 2: Other Native Americans;
    • Tier 3: All Other; Special consideration will be given to PBOPI employees for Tier 3 status
  • Three Social Services referrals per classroom will be reserved for emergency placement status


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