Higher Education & Vocational Assistance

The overall mission of the Higher Education program is to provide the supportive services necessary to encourage Pokagon tribal citizens to attain college, graduate, and post graduate degrees.

Services Provided

The Tribal Council has approved the following scholarship funding. Eligible Pokagon students (based on unmet need) attending an accredited public, private, or BIA funded college or university will receive up to the following assistance per semester, starting Fall 2011:

Students attaining an associate degree:  $200 per credit/hour (Up to 18 credits)
Students attaining a bachelors degree:  $400 per credit/hour (Up to 18 credits)

Students attaining a graduate or post-graduate degree:  $600 per credit / hour (Up to 15 credits)

Please keep in mind that the above scholarship award is the maximum award based on unmet needs. Students will not receive the maximum award if it is determined that their unmet needs are met with less scholarship funding.

Unmet need is determined by adding the costs for tuition, fees, books, transportation (mileage, bus tickets, airline fares but NOT vehicle costs or repairs), and room/board and subtracting other grants, scholarships, and tuition waivers received by the student, as reported by the college/university financial aid office on the Unmet Need form.

For part-time students, room and board is not included in the calculation. Students receiving other financial assistance through Pokagon Departments must report this assistance.

Funding will only cover up to the number of credits needed to graduate. Failed and repeated classes will not be funded again. 

If you have or will be completing your bachelor's degree or higher, please complete the College Graduate Gift application, attach it with the copy of your diploma, and submit them to the department.

Book Stipend

Purpose: The College Book Stipend is to assist Band Members who are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree at an accredited college or university with book costs.

A. Must be an enrolled member of the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians.
B. Must be enrolled in an accredited public, private, or BIA-funded college or university.

Funding: Eligible Students will receive the following assistance per semester:

Students attaining an Associates or Bachelor’s degree       $150 per class (up to 6 classes
Students attaining a Grad or Post-Grad degree                    $300 per class (up to 4 classes)

Requirements: (These requirements are the sole responsibility of individual students)
A. Must submit official copy of class schedule prior to the beginning of each academic period.
B. Must maintain a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or the minimum standard for the higher education institution. If the student’s cumulative grade point average drops below 2.0, the student will not be able to receive a book stipend for the following semester.
C. Must notify the Pokagon Band Department of Education after dropping a class or withdrawing from school completely. The portion of the College Book Stipend received for the dropped class(es) must be paid back to the Pokagon Band before receiving another College Book Stipend.
D. Must submit official grade report at the conclusion of each academic period (term/semester) to continue receiving College Book Stipends.
E. Must submit all required paperwork for the semester requesting funding before the end of that semester.
F. Students applying for the Higher Education Scholarship along with the College Book Stipend must apply for the programs at the same time.

Apply for the book stipend on the Education Portal.

Questions? Contact us: DoE.Scholarship@pokagonband-nsn.gov