Higher Education Assistance Program (HEAP)

The overall mission of the Higher Education Assistance program is to provide the supportive services necessary to encourage Pokagon tribal citizens to attain a certificate, vocational, undergraduate, graduate, and post graduate degree.

Services Provided

Tuition and Fee Assistance
Students attaining a Vocational degree:  $3000/Year
Students attaining an Associate degree:  $200 per credit/hour (Up to 18 credits)
Students attaining a Bachelor’s degree:  $400 per credit/hour (Up to 18 credits)
Students attaining a Graduate degree:  $600 per credit / hour (Up to 15 credits)
Students attaining a Post-Graduate degree:  $800 per credit / hour (Up to 15 credits)

Book Stipend Assistance
Student Attaining a Vocational degree                                   $3000/year
Students attaining an Associate or Bachelor’s degree         $150 per class (up to 6 classes)
Students attaining a Grad. or Post-Grad. degree                  $300 per class (up to 4 classes)

Special Request Assistance up to $500/year reimbursement

  • Academic Testing
  • Application fees, graduate school entrance fees, & exams
  • Pre-requisite courses required to enter programs
  • Specialized equipment or uniforms (such as nursing shoes & scrubs)
  • Mandatory Parking fees for college students
  • Graduation Gown Reimbursement (basic cap, gown, tassel only)
  • Conference registration fees

*All other Special Requests will be reviewed with supporting documentation

Student Housing Assistance
$250/Month for full-time students excluding summer session.

*Other housing eligibility requirements can be found in the Higher Education Assistance Program Policy.

HEAP Application and all other forms can be found here.

Questions? Contact us: DOE.HEAP@PokagonBand-nsn.gov