Youth bike to historic sites

In August, Language Specialist Kyle Malott, Community Resource Officer Abi Shanahan, and Youth Services Coordinator Daniel Stohrer organized a bike trip for Pokagon youth to visit important sites in Pokagon history. Language Specialist Malott served as tour guide because of his vast knowledge of the historic events that occurred in the Niles area. The Pokagon headquarters are now in Dowagiac, however before we came to Dowagiac many villages were in Pawating, which is present day Niles.

Pokagon youth, mostly from the afterschool program, visited five locations along the St. Joseph River, which we call Senathwen zive (rocky current river). During stops the group learned about the history of the river, how it came to be called St. Joseph River, how Potawatomi use and respect our water ways. Malott also talked about nearby villages, which include Topinabee, Nanaquiba, Pokagon, and Wesaw. They visited the Fort St. Joseph marker and discussed the happenings of the fort, and then visited the archeological dig site.

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