Updated PHS Appointment Conservation Policy takes effect August 6

Pokagon Health Services recently established a new no-show policy for patients. Called the Appointment Conservation Policy, its goal is to maximize patient care by reducing wasted appointments. It will go in to effect August 6, 2018.

A no-show is when a patient either does not arrive or arrives 10 minutes late to the appointment, or when the patient cancels the appointment later than 3:00 p.m. the previous business day.

Wasted appointments have a significant negative impact on PHS’s practice and the healthcare provided to patients. When a patient wastes a scheduled appointment, it:

  • Potentially jeopardizes the health of the patient
  • Affects other patients who could need the scheduled appointment
  • Wastes critical resources
  • Is not one of the guiding principles of the Seven Grandfather Teachings

Pokagon Health Services asks for patients’ help to avoid wasting appointments. Arrive on time for the scheduled appointment. If you know you cannot make an appointment, please cancel a scheduled appointment by 3:00 p.m. the previous business day. PHS will call the patient two business days before the scheduled appointment to confirm the visit. In addition, the patient may receive texts or emails.

Alternative Scheduling

Patients who waste three or more appointments within a rolling 12-month period will be required to use alternative scheduling. A patient on alternative scheduling may schedule the same day or the prior business day for an acute or chronic care appointment if there is availability.

A patient can be removed from alternative scheduling when a patient attends three consecutive appointments that aren’t wasted or 12 months has passed since being placed on the alternative schedule. When a patient appeals the determination to be put on an alternative schedule (by submitting documentation to excuse wasted appointments to the PHS director), a patient may be removed from alternative scheduling with that authorization.

Outside Provider Scheduling

PHS providers may refer patients to an outside provider. Every patient is responsible for understanding and following the policies for missed or late appointments for any providers outside of PHS. PHS is not responsible for appealing on behalf of a patient at an outside provider’s office or for any late fees incurred. If a patient is barred from a provider’s office for any reason involving missed or late appointments, it will be at the discretion of the PHS provider to issue a new referral to another provider of the same specialty. For PRC-eligible patients, the subsequent referral will need to be authorized by the Medical Care Review Committee.

Patients will receive the PHS Appointment Conservation (No Show Policy) form at registration and will be required to acknowledge the understanding by signing and dating. The PHS registration staff will witness the form and it will be scanned into the patient’s electronic medical record. A copy of the full policy is available here.