Tribal Police volunteer for Shop-With-A-Cop

Shop with a cop is an opportunity for selected youth (ages 4-16) to spend a Saturday with a Pokagon Police officer shopping for presents for themselves and loved ones.

The youth are initially quiet and sometimes shy when they meet the police officer they are teamed up with, but as the day goes on, that quietness and shyness fade away, replaced with sharing and talking with their assigned officer.

Each youth had a set amount they could spend while shopping. They were allowed to purchase presents for their family members and one present for themselves. When shopping was completed, participants headed back to the Language & Culture building to wrap presents. Several elders and teachers from Zagbëgon helped wrap presents, much appreciated by our police officers. While wrapping presents, youth had the chance to meet and take a picture with Santa. 

This event allows youth, police officers, elders and some staff to spend time and work together for the greater good, which is one of the many reasons why this season is so special.

A big thanks to our police officers for being willing to spend a Saturday with some much appreciative youth. This event is not possible without our tribal police officers.