Tribal Police Honor Guard present colors at Detroit Red Wings hockey game

Before the start of the Thursday, February 22 Detroit Red Wings game versus the Buffalo Sabres, a group of Honor Guard members presented the colors as the National Anthem rang from the stadium speakers. This was the first ever Honor Guard from a tribal police department to present at the stadium, and they hail from our very own Pokagon Band Tribal Police Department (PBTPD).

PBTPD Chief Bill Lux heard from Dan Foley, retired officer from the Wyandotte Police Department, last November about presenting colors at the Little Caesar’s Arena, where the Red Wings play. Foley coordinates with Michigan Honor Guards every year for the team’s Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

Foley trained all six of the PBTPD Honor Guard officers, as he conducts all honor guard trainings in Michigan. Our officers attended in 2017 and early 2018 on the military base in Alpena, Mich. They have since served at fallen officer funerals, in parades, and now at a professional hockey game.

Officers Kristen Lamphere, Justin Pangle, James Ivy, Richard Newcomer, and Jacob Stark marched the American, Michigan, and Pokagon Band flags and two ceremonial rifles onto the ice. Officer Jordan Miller is also part of our honor guard, but was unable to attend.

Chief Lux and Foley serve on the Sheriffs and Municipals Memorial Assistance Response Team together, which conducts funerals for officers killed in action.