Running team cooperates in memorial run across Michigan

by Dean Orvis, wellness coordinator

The Mejnewa Running Team completed the Lake to Lake Veterans Memorial 150 mile run across the state of Michigan on Memorial Day weekend. The run began at 8:00 a.m. Saturday, May 26, on the shores of Lake Michigan in Ludington and ended Sunday afternoon, May 27, in the sands of Lake Huron in Bay City.

We had twelve phenomenal individuals complete a portion of the trail, with most people going over ten consecutive miles. The temperature exceeded 90 degrees each day of the run, yet we were still able to finish in 29 hours and 45 minutes of uninterrupted running. The journey began with 40 miles of open road, 88 miles of the Pere Marquette Trail, and finished with just over 23 miles of open roads. The team included John Koehler, Steve Smith, Abby Paul, Michelle Cockey, Lisa Weurding, Derek Weurding, Steve May, Jesse Adair, Sarah Eck, Terri Rider, Steve Rider, and Dean Orvis.

“I ran on Saturday afternoon during the heat of the day. Normally, I would avoid running in such heat, but I would not let our team down!” said Michelle Cockey. “I have never been a part of such a large team relay. I thought it was cool how we could cover so much distance just by running one leg at a time. It just goes to show that more can be accomplished when you work together as a team.”

Rachel Orvis kept a team support van available to distribute refreshments, provide encouragement, and offer first aid every couple miles throughout the route. Every runner also had a partner traveling with them during their portion of the run.

The Creator kept the storms just in front of us, and we only had one runner experience a little bit of drizzle during their run. Everyone had a great time participating in the run and are already excited to do it again. We are hoping to have a minimum of 15 runners for next year’s run. For more information about this run or other opportunities, please contact the PHS Wellness Center.