Potawatomi Gathering 2017 to be held at Walpole Island

Walpole Island First Nation in Ontario, Canada is hosting this year’s Potawatomi Gathering. Beginning with a sunrise ceremony Wednesday, August 2 and ending with the passing of the sacred ashes and the eagle staff on the evening of Saturday, August 5, the event is full of such activities as a language and history conference, cultural workshops, and a pow wow.

Most information about Gathering lodging, registration and a schedule of activities can be found here or you can call the coordinator, Portia Shipman, at (519) 628-5700.

Keep in mind that you must carry proper ID for yourself and any children travelling with you—a passport, birth certificate, a certificate of naturalization or your enhanced tribal ID—to confirm your legal right or authorization to enter Canada when you arrive.

It’s recommended that parents who share custody of their children carry copies of their legal custody documents and a consent letter to provide authorization for you to take them on a trip and enter Canada. People with criminal convictions—including impaired driving convictions—may have a problem when entering Canada.

Please visit the Canada Border Services Agency for more information on your travel to Canada.