Mno’s Pathways Program helps citizens along their career journey

By Rhonda Rose, Pathways Manager, Mno-Bmadsen

Mno-Bmadsen’s Pathways Program provides resources and tools to help Pokagon citizens of any age who are entering or re-entering the workforce to earn gainful employment and invest in their futures. The Pathways Program provides such opportunities as career assessments, internships, access to apprenticeships, career path development, and job placement in professional and construction trade fields.

The logo represents the path we take in life to success and features a tree with the roots of our people stretching back hundreds of years. Over time, the tree has grown new branches; these symbolize the future and the next generations.

If you are interested in taking the next step on your journey, visit Pathway’s online portal. The portal connects candidates to positions on our construction projects and can be used as a tool for tribal entities and companies for their job postings. Fill out a profile and give program managers an idea of where you are on your path so that we can help you with the next steps.

We encourage all Pokagon citizens to create a profile on Pathways