Language & Culture developing Wiwkwébthëgen

More than 100 citizens are already registered on Wiwkwébthëgen, the tribe’s online, digital archives. This site houses historical photos of our ancestors and lifeways, photos of traditional objects, important documents, video and audio recordings of citizens, and hundreds of Potawatomi words, complete with recordings of their pronunciations.

After months of preparation, our Department of Language & Culture opened the site to the community in November. This site is tightly secured, and most content is only available to citizens. You can request an account here.

The Potawatomi dictionary on Wiwkwébthëgen features more than 300 words thus far, and the Language Program continues to add words regularly. This database is unlike anything that exists, for several reasons. One reason is because it is constantly being updated, so users can be sure the spelling and other details are correct. Each word includes a recording of it being spoken, enabling citizens to practice pronunciation. Many words also include sentence examples with first, second, or third person formatting.

Potawatomi language students are encouraged to use the dictionary on Wiwkwébthëgen to check their pronunciation and grow their vocabularies. Citizens living too far to attend language classes now have this dynamic dictionary to continue or begin their language learning.

If you have any questions about how to use or access Wiwkwébthëgen, call the Language & Culture Department at (269) 462-4325.