Cleaning Services staff uplift campus

Our government properties span for miles in Michigan and Indiana, and our buildings occupy 200,000 square feet of that land. Every inch is cared for and maintained by the Facilities Department, but the daily cleaning is performed by the nine men and women you see above.

The four women pictured together above maintain the Health Center on our Rodgers Lake Campus. They are all biohazard and sharps trained, as well as HIPPA compliant. In fact, all on the cleaning staff completed this specialized training to be prepared and ready to fulfill their duties wherever needed. The cleaning products staff uses are all completely safe, even if consumed.

Staff has also undergone carpet and floors training. With this, they are able to strip and wax floors twice each year. They just redid the Community Center floors for the first time, a dramatic upgrade.

The cleaning services team was at the decision-making table for the South Bend Police Substation, where they gave their expert opinions on the types of floors that could be kept up best, the toilet paper dispensers, and the layout of the janitorial closets.

“I’m amazed by such an amazing staff,” said Patty Jo Kublick, cleaning services team lead. “Perception of a building says a lot about the tribe, and they maintain that perception every single day.”