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Who we are

The Pokagon Bodewadmik Ogitchedaw veterans organization will maintain its traditional role as the warriors and protectors of the Pokagon community past, present, and future. We shall stand as protectors at the doors of the four directions to ensure that the ways of the Neshnabek people are never lost or forgotten.

We will continue to honor and remember those who have served before, those who are serving today, and will seek to inspire and support future generations to serve in the defence of our country, our native nation, and all freedoms that were intended by our creator for all people to possess.

Those who are on the journey today and those who may travel this path in the future can rest assured that the Pokagon Bodewadmik Ogitchedaw will support them and their families through this challenging and sometimes difficult journey.

We will continue to maintain, and educate the Pokagon community on the history, traditions, and values of the Ogitchedaw warriors.

We will maintain a constant vigil over and be the caretaker of the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Community Eagle Staff and display this historical flag of our nation at ceremonies of the tribal community. Furthermore, we will be guardians of the tribal flags and perform honor guard duties at various events and oversee flag protocol at all tribal facilities when requested.

The Pokagon Bodewadmik Ogitchedaw will foster comradery among tribal veterans and will honor all veterans for the values and virtues attributable to their service.

National Native American Veterans Memorial

A national memorial to honor American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian veterans is long overdue. Congress has determined that the memorial must be designed and constructed without the use of federal funds. With your help, we can honor some of the most dedicated defenders of our nation.

To join the Pokagon Band Ogitchedaw, please download the application below, print and complete it, and mail it to us.